Jim Mooijekind 

Born 26/08/1992

In Haarlem, The Netherlands

Mooijekind works from themes he find hard to grasp. Abstract concepts like his emotions , psychology, art as whole & his position within the arts. He symbolizes these abstract observations in a figurative cartoonesk matter. In this realm of symbolism there is world created where The Epic and mundane can co-exist in a equal way. Male pattern baldness as a Memento Mori, And a plank leaning on a stick Symbolizing the entire Artworld. Jim uses this way of simplification to understand and study these matters he find hard to wrap his head around, and to communicate with people that may be in the same space of thought.

In the Stroboscope Paintings Jim Mooijekind portrays the constant shifting between juxtapositions. yin and yang , black and white , Light and Darkness & Boredom and fear. The fast phase wherein these Profiles change result in a hypnotic rhythm. a rhythm we all dance to.